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ChiroFlow Orthopedic Pillows

A New Source Of Wellness

ChiroFlow Orthopedic Pillows

Improved quality of sleep will reduce signs of aging, improve coping skills and sharpen reaction time.

Reduced Neck Pain Intensity

Ranked best of all pillows tested in a clinical study at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

Generous Jumbo Size 20’X 28′

Most Cervical Pillows are under sized to cut costs. Chiroflow fits standard AND queen pillowcases.

3-Year Warranty Against Defects

Our quality is best and we stand behind our product with the best warranty.

Fully Adjustable To Any Preference

The choice is yours, soft medium, or firm.

Waterbase Responds To Head Movement

No more waking up to fluff and re-stuff. Proper cervical support all night long even as you change sleeping positions.